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I am off and on this site. Because of this and the long periods of time I spend away, I may use something of yours and forget where it came from. If this ever happens (which most of the time I keep track of everything) PLEASE let me know immediately so I can edit it or remove it at your choice. Thanks for understanding. =)

Censorship and other thoughts...

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 5, 2011, 6:46 AM
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I was reading the blog posted by HQ and to elaborate on any of my comments I decided to make this instead of filling the pages with lengthy rants.

I do not believe in censorship. I think people can decide for themselves what they should and should not see. In the case of children, parents need to step up and decide what they want their kids to see. Parental controls were made for a reason, USE THEM!!! While I know parents cannot be with their kids 24/7 and cannot always control this. It's OKAY!! One day of them seeing some boobs on TV will not kill them. Kids need to see what they can get away with. Honestly, if you have parental controls in place, they wont be able to watch or see those things, even while you are away.

Personally, I don't think children should be kept from some things. Granted, yes, I don't want my 6 yr old watching porn, but seeing a naked body is not harmful. If children weren't being so sheltered from everything deemed "harmful" they would not be so overly sexual when they become teenagers. Look at it this way...(I'm going to use males as an example because they are typically more sexual than females)

Say, you have a young boy. He is introduced to nudity while he is young. Much like the work of :iconstyush: (Her work is beautiful by the way) Her children are being introduced to the naked body early. So they will (more than likely) not be as curious when they get older. Plus they will have learned it is something to be respected, not used like an object. I digress, a young boy that has grown up in the same type of household will learn to respect women. He will not wonder what a naked woman looks like, he will know. Since males are naturally more sexual, he will still be curious, of course. But he will know he doesn't need to hump every female he meets. He will have more respect for them and will be able to look beyond the physical attraction and possibly get to know the girl. (Obviously nothing is 100% certain, but hear me out)


You have a teenage boy, he has been sheltered from nudity his whole life. He secretly watched or looked at porn (maybe) and knew it was bad. He obviously knows what a naked woman looks like, but his only reference to that has been pornography. He sees females in (sometimes) degrading and awful ways. There isn't much beauty in porn. Unless it's one of those lovers videos on how to have better sex or whatever, but that's different. Anyways...he sees all these things and learns these things from porn. So now he looks at females with a biased and unfair opinion. He thinks every female is the same way or likes the same things. Who knows what he has watched or learned. Teenagers are strange when it comes to right and wrong, unless something has been continuously taught to them. He's been taught that self gratification is bad and that porn is evil. What kind of message is that to send?

How can you expect teenagers to stay away from something we all know feels good and we were made to do it?  If they are well informed, they will understand why it's better to wait until you are older. And I don't mean sex ed in 9th grade. That's a bit late to teach it in my opinion.  They should be taught early enough so that when they get to high school sex ed they are not shocked. I think that would be the appropriate time to go into detail about VD's and birth and all the fun (I use that sarcastically) things that come with having sex.

Things are much different now then they were 40 years ago. What worked then (sheltering) is NOT working now, it's doing quite the opposite. It's like being told "don't touch that" and you WANT to because of it. Like some little gnome is saying "DO IT DO IT DO IT!!" You want to find out WHY you cant. So these kids seek out any sort of sex related things to find out why they aren't supposed to do it. They look at porn first. They see both people (or more) are enjoying it, so then they wonder..."WTF?" Then they try it and find out it does feel good, so why the hell weren't they allowed to do it? At this point, they know nothing about the consequences. They haven't been taught babies come from sex, they may have an idea, but they don't know EXACTLY how babies are made unless they have been taught.

Parents can't ignore the fact that kids are kind of being forced to grow up faster. Not just with sex, but everything. I see 12 year olds riding their bike talking on a cell phone....WTF is that about? Why the hell does a 12 year old have a phone? That's just crazy to me. I'd hope if they are going to a friends house, their parents know how to get a hold of them there. They are being prepped for college before they are out of elementary school. They are being taught things, in depth, that are confusing enough for adults let alone a 6-10 year old. We, as parents, need to step up and teach our kids at least the basics when they are young so they are not dumbfounded when they get to the hormonal stage.

I hope this all made sense....

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